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Sizzla Kalonji

Sizzla Kalonji is one of the most prolific leaders of the conscious Reggae dancehall movement. Emerging in the latter half of the 90s, he helped lead
dancehall back to the musical and spiritual influence of roots reggae and heavily Rastafarian subject matter. He was born Miguel Collins on  April 17,
1976 in St Mary and was raised in the community of August Town. The 1980's witnessed a dancehall explosion, and with the music came the lifestyle. 
Sizzla watched carefully, collecting his lyrical ammunition. He began his career in the music industry in his early teenage years. After honing his vocal
skills, he landed a gig with the Caveman Hi-Fi sound system, where he first made a name for himself as a performer. He cut his first single for the small Zagalou label in 1995, and soon moved on to Fattis “Exterminator” Burrell.

Extensive touring with fellow roots and culture artist Luciano followed, earning Sizzla critical acclaim. Working with Fattis marked an important turning
point for Sizzla. From the outset their relationship was one of mutual respect and Inspiration. A run of successful singles led to the release of Sizzla's
debut album, 'Burning Up' (RAS). The alliance again proved fruitful a year later with the  follow-up, 'Praise Ye Jah' (JetStar). Securing his position as a
top conscious reggae artist,  he set about cultivating his role as a spiritual messenger. Sizzla's combination of Rasta  principles and up-to-the-minute dancehall rhythms made his hard line approach more palatable. A brilliant and passionate performer, Sizzla broke boundaries, appealing to those
looking for something new, music with depth. His major breakthrough came with the release in 1997 of the now classic album, 'Black Woman and Child' (Greensleeves). Bearing all the hallmarks of Bobby 'Digital' Dixon's dancehall-influenced production, the impact on both the reggae and mainstream
markets was phenomenal. The evocative title track, issued as a single, rapidly achieved anthemic status. Along with universal praise came Sizzla's first nomination for Best International Reggae Artist of the Year at the 1998 MOBO Awards and a place in various magazines' top 100 albums of the year.

Sizzla scored several more hits during 1997, including ‘Like Mountain’, ‘Babylon Cowboy,’ ‘Kings of the Earth,’ and the Luciano duet ‘Build a Better
World.’ This hot streak kicked off an enormously productive recording binge that has lasted for years. He has an ability to fuse passionate lyrical styling
with deceptively simple rhythms that take in range of genres from staccato dancehall and gentle roots reggae to surprisingly commercial R&B and soul arrangements. Overall his music is generally positive, advocating faith, compassion for poor black youth, and respect for women. He remains something
of an enigma to the public at large, rarely granting interviews and keeping his concert appearances to a minimum. Nonetheless, he still ranks as
arguably the most popular conscious reggae artist of his time. A versatile singjay-style vocalist with a gruff, gravelly tone, he is capable of both rapid fire chatting, powerful, melodic singing, and his best backing riddims are among the strongest in contemporary dancehall. Sizzla Kalonji has released over
46 impressive solo albums and over fifteen combination albums, crossing different genres of Reggae. The number of mix tapes on the street are

He also started his own company Kalonji Records; this set the mark of his growth not only as a great reggae artist but also a record label executive and businessman. In a joint venture with Kalonji Records, his most recent album The Overstanding was released in November 2006 with Damon Dash
Music Group and Koch Records. It is as prolific, infectious, and melodic as the previous albums. This is his third album released through Kalonji
Records; as well as ‘Black History’ and ‘Life’. Sizzla Kalonji continues to release music through his career showcasing the level of talent that exudes
through his creativity. In addition to his musical breakthroughs, Sizzla continues to build different business opportunities to empower himself and the community by creating an environment for young people to grow and develop skills. Reggaeville


Chronixx was the 'stage' name his friends bestowed on him, replacing the name 'Little Chronicle' he was given as the 'junior' to his father, the artist
Chronicle. A little star amongst his peers, he had shown a love for music and song writing from an early age. He was born October 10, 1992 and was
named Jamar Rolando McNaughton. His father, a musician, recognised his talents and nurtured him in an environment in which he could grow into
whatever area of music he chose. Always accompanying him to the studio, Jamar grew up around the likes of Burro Banton, Norris Man and the
legendary Gregory Isaacs.

With a big smile and an engaging personality, he confidently set out to make his mark in music, by writing his first song 'Rice Grain' by the age of five
and going on to be choir director and worship leader at 11. Coached by Danny Browne, he recorded his first song with him in 2003. Always displaying
his versatility, Jamar, as a young man at St. Catherine High School, harmonised for gospel artistes such as Jermaine Edwards and reggae artiste Lutan

At 14 years, he started producing and 'building riddims' for artistes such as Konshens and Munga Honorable and composing riddims such as the
'Freezer Riddim' for Icebox Records and voicing artistes such as, Popcaan for Maverick Records. While focusing on academics, with a special love for
Visual Arts, Chronixx knew that his inner voice was coaxing him to let his own voice be heard.

After his brother's death in 2009, Chronixx became more inspired to 'push out' and as fate would have it, in that same year, met some 'brothers' who
have undoubtedly impacted on the promising artist he is today. The synergy he found with Romaine 'Teflon' Arnett of ZincFence Recordz gave birth to
the creation of a singer, stepping out militantly with a unique voice and armed with lyrics and an accompanying musical sound, set to capture his place
on the reggae music stage.

In 2010, as if on a mission, Alty 'J.O.E' Nunes impacted on the lives of not only his brothers, Aijah & Jahnoi, but on Chronixx as well. They started
working as a team and after Joe's passing in February 2011, Chronixx, in honour of the Jah Ova Evil legacy, took his career to another level. Instead of
going on to Edna Manley College as planned, he, along with other members of the Jah Ova Evil family, released singles such as Behind Curtain, African Heritage, Wall Street and Warrior.

Today, Chronixx credits his versatility and his professional stage presence to the early lessons he received from his father Chronicle, who always shared
his own experiences and encouraged his son to go one step beyond with each performance. Chronixx is not disappointing his father, his family or his
friends who know that the 'sky is the limit' for this young man who sees 'music as his mission.'

YES I!!!!! Reggaeville


It is said that society has lost its way. We have all but entirely lost hope in the possibility of revolutionary progress instigated by the young people of
Jamaica. The pessimists have yet to consider the notorious innovation of Jamaicans, that therein lies a rich history of focusing and refocusing in
perilous times, pinpointing the tiny loopholes and then widening them into gaping gaps for not only Jamaicans to see the truth, but the entire world.
This is what a certain exciting breakthrough musician has committed himself to doing. His name... Protoje. Born in the 80’s but wishing he was birthed
in the 60’s,

Protoje (Oje Ollivierre) is the fresh face with the freshest lyrical delivery, still having a feel of vintage reggae music but being a suitable update for the
present time.   Indeed, Marley’s mantra was to “free the people with music.” Protoje’s mantra is to free the people with art. Music – his appointed
contribution to the artistic revolution - is only one of the many distinct art forms. He takes up the mantle of spokesperson for the Movement and
represents the evident unity among a large group of talented musical, literary and visual artists who have silently and patiently developed under the
radar and are about to march together into a new era of prosperity for all.   Despite being the cousin of regular chart-topping producer, Donovan ‘Don
Corleon’ Bennett, Protoje continues to resist the urge to lay his vocals on every other riddim in the dancehall mainstream. He is meticulously piecing
together his debut album, The Seven Year Itch, while focusing the rest of his efforts on the perfection of his live performances. Already, a pattern has
been detected whereby Protoje invariably sees a significant hike in his fan base the day after his last performance. This invokes the truth in the saying,
 “you have to see to believe.”   Rolling with Protoje is rolling with the Movement. Reggaeville

Kabaka Pyramid

Keron Salmon, known by his fans as Kabaka Pyramid, is an ever-evolving artist that has numerous ways of expressing his creativity. The ability to watch and learn from others around him has made him into somewhat of a Jack-of-all-trades. You can find him at Bebble Rock Studios, in his hometown Kingston, Jamaica, writing lyrics, producing tracks, engineering/recording himself or other artists, mixing songs, editing video/photos, or even learning to play the guitar! His passion for music began at early age when he would change the lyrics to popular songs and record his own version on his mother's tape recorder. What began as a humorous venture was actually a stepping stone for the artist we know today. Reggae music has always been a strong influence on the Kingstonian lyricist, but during high school it was Hip Hop music that captivated him, and you could find him walking to the canteen reciting his favorite Canibus or Inspectah Deck lines. The influence of both genres can be easily detected as he, and other Bebble Rock artists such as Koro-Fyah, seek to find the perfect fusion of the two cultural expressions.

Recently Kabaka Pyramid has been appearing on the Live Music scene in Kingston with live performances at the Manifesto Jamaica Festival 2010, Jaria Reggae Month 2010, Jamaica Vybez, The Next Generation of Reggae, Bands Incoporated (Featured by The Indiggnation Band), and Conversations - just to name a few.

The Conscious musician is a member of Manifesto Jamaica, which is an N.G.O. aiming to empower Jamaican youth through the arts and culture. Representing Manifesto JA, Kabaka has worked with friend and colleague Donisha Prendegast on the "Africa Unite" School Tour spreading the word of Rastafari and the liberation struggle in South Africa. Performing for the kids in school is an important part of Kabaka's vision for his musical career and is always willing to play his part in the movement.

The name "Kabaka" is Ugandan for "King" and Pyramids are thought by the artist to house the mathematical proportions of Universal Laws that are eminent in the creation of this universe. He seeks to embody these laws in his music, spreading truth and higher knowledge to the people who are prepared to listen.

The Dj/Rapper is currently working on an album that will be free to the public. Currently untitled, it is a highly anticipated project that is intended to show the world where Kabaka Pyramid is looking to take Jamaican music, as well as spread the positive messages of spirituality and conscious evolvolution that you find whenever he grabs a mic! Reggaeville


Recalling the ’90s — the heyday of British artists like Maxi Priest and Bitty McLean — singer Gappy Ranks brings U.K. reggae to the world. Born Jacob
Lee Williams, the London-based artist was struggling to keep from being homeless when his career began, but working with radio and playing
numerous live shows helped him step up. In 2009 he signed with Greensleeves, releasing his debut album for the label, Put the Stereo On, in 2010.
The throwback effort was filled with nostalgia for the reggae of the ‘60s, but his 2011 release Thanks & Praise was more forward-thinking, featuring
many dancehall cuts and a sure R&B influence. iTunes


Born Addis Swaby to Melodica & Dub King Augustus Pablo, Addis is a Performer & Producer following in his Father's footsteps.

Addis Pablo born Addis Swaby to Horace Swaby known to the world as Augustus Pablo and Karen Scott.
Addis Pablo, in a somewhat expected step has taken up a career as a performer and producer following in his father’s footsteps, a brave and
challenging move considering the status and work which his father achieved and still maintains to this day across the world. However, having been
raised by his father in a musical environment on Orange Street, receiving the teachings and morals expressed by Augustus Pablo, and continued to
be instilled by his Mother who is and was very instrumental at the time of his Father’s passing, Addis has chosen to approach his musical journey with
a team of High School friends who shared the same vision in their own way of creating and developing their own sounds as well as the sounds of
others who could apply the knowledge and experience of having a independent label and training camp for artiste and talent known as One Motion
Music. Addis aims to be able to play his melodica with the same effect which his father had and has been getting great reception to his attempts thus
far, he knows it’s a far way to go and is willing to put in the time and effort to get his skills to the highest levels with the help of his beliefs in the Principles
of his Father’s Spiritual Religious upbringing through the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie King Of Ethiopia .

Addis has been performing and practicing since the year 2007 playing on his father's tribute with members of the Rockers International Family & Inna
De Yard Allstars like Earl Chinna Smith and Kojo. Since then Addis has been performing on shows in the US with Dub Reggae Band ‘Dub Proof’ in
New Jersey & surrounding areas having opened up for major acts like the Mighty Diamonds, Micheal Rose as well as Kenyatta Hill son of Culture.
Addis has put in much work into producing his own Instrumentals which artiste sometimes voice on or he takes as lead on Melodica he has released
a Compilation called " For The Love Of Jah " which is available on most online music stores as well as a single “Let I Be” and a free EP Release under
the name Suns of Dub, A new platform he will be using to promote & push his music, and original Rockers International releases look out for more
music and good works including remakes of Augustus Pablo Classics such as Cassava Piece and Frozen Dub to name a few… MTV


Ras Jammy with Addis Pablo presents SUNS of DUB, the Official Dub/DubStep platform of this GenIration for Rockers International. Suns of Dub would feature Dub, Dubstep and Drum & Bass Mixes produced or executive produced by Ras Jammy. Releases, Vlogs, News, Updates will mainly feature Addis Pablo & Ras Jammy

Addis Swaby was born in Redbank new jersey in 1989 to Karen Scott and Horace Swaby better known to the world as Augustus Pablo. Brought to live amongst his father at his home in Kingston Jamaica within the Rockers International Home Studio Pablo being a world renounced Reggae legend for creating his own unique style of playing which is associated with the Far East sound of Don Drummmond , the use of a instrument which was still considered to be a child’s toy though he was not the first musician to incorporate the melodica into reggae music he was the most recognized for bringing
it to the forefront as a lead instrument . Reverbnation


The whimsical Makeida Beckford whose stage name is “Keida,” has emerged as a budding new talent on the dancehall/reggae scene. Aptly mistaken for an “uptown girl,” Keida is quick to correct the masses – “I am actually from Bull Bay, Jamaica. Not quite uptown!” Growing up in a household in which both her parents are visual artists, they instilled a work ethic that charged Keida to follow her dreams and do whatever it is that inspires and drives her. A well-rounded individual – Keida paints, surfs and is an experienced graphic designer - she passionately extends herself to the limit.

A STAR HAS EMERGED! The call to music came while enrolled at the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts. In 2009, Keida released her debut single “Jamaican Boy,” on the Stalag Riddim.

The single, which was produced by Craig "Leftside" Parks of Keep Left Records, is a light-hearted ode to the men of her beloved island, Jamaica. With over 100,000 YouTube views, the song became an instant radio hit receiving airplay locally and abroad. Keida recalls the first time she heard the single on the radio, “When I heard ‘Jamaican Boy’ on the radio for the first time I was doing set design in school, I was excited but humbled. I thought it would just be a one-time thing. At that point I still hadn't realized the reality of myself as an artist.”

Following the success of “Jamaican Boy,” Keida released singles such as “Can’t Get Enough” (Birchill Records), “Hot It Up” (KeepLeft Productions), “Bubble Up” (Chimney Records), Dancefloor/Care Not” (Jam 2 Productions), “All I Have” (Romeich Records) and “Really Love” (Liv Up Records) to name a few. The recognition afforded her the opportunity to work with other producers such as (ZJ Chrome/CR203) and Don Corleon.

Her hard work and dedication to her craft paid off when she was nominated for the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Award for Best New Artist (Female). She won the Jamaica Star People’s Choice Awards in two categories: Best New Female Artist and Best Singjay in 2010. Not only is she winning with industry accolades, but she’s also commanding the stage during her performances at shows such as Sumfest Digicel Stage, Mystic Moonlight, Spring Break 2010, Brit Jam 2010, RJR Cross Country Tour, RETV School Tour,Rapids Beach Party and Show and Wickie Wackie Live to name a few. Additionally, she has worked with dancehall artists such as Tami Chynn, Tifa, Timberlee, Stacious, Natalie Storm, soca star, Shurwayne Winchester and Protoje.

In 2011, Keida recorded a song with Antiguan and reigning Soca Monarch (2010) Tian Winter for “We are the West Indies” campaign, aimed at revitalizing the public’s perception of cricket. The campaign’s promotional efforts, thus far, has included travel to Barbados. Keida has performed in Barbados and will perform in Trinidad and Dominica over the summer.

In a male dominated industry, Keida is not intimidated at the challenge of setting herself apart. “I try not to segregate gender when it comes to music. It's not impossible, as a female to be just as good as a male at anything, but depends on your talent and what you bring to the table. I think we as females just have to go twice as hard.” Keida has her sights set on distinguishing herself as a talented artist and not just another talented female artist. “My ultimate goal is to maintain a fresh new strain of music and build a foundation that will encourage growth, but at the same time remains current for years to come.”  Reverbnation


Norris Man has arrived on the music scene to give you music for your soul. In a time where substance is crucial for good lyrics, Norris Man couldn’t
have arrived at a better time with his proficient songwriting. From his debut album "Persistence" (VP Records 2000) you can hear his melodic reggae
chanting and singing style. His album for Jah Scout Records Limited "Better Your Soul" is filled with sweet, warm, uplifting melodies and sophisticated
lyrics. Persistence is what you can expect from this talented recording artist , who has toured and performed in packed houses and music festivals
throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Africa alongside Anthony B. His live performance presents a high stepping, locks flying, solid performer.
Listen to his lyrics and you’ll hear the versatile and creative intelligence of Norris Man Born and raised in the notorious Trenchtown and Arnett Gardens
area of Kingston, Jamaica, Christopher Campbell, now known as Norris Man had Bob Marley as a hometown hero to inspire his immersion into the
musical arena. As a young boy Norris Man (named because of his enthusiasm for karate king Chuck Norris) would sit under a tree to write his own
songs of redemption. Reverbnation


"I hope the world gets to know the name Khari Kill and what I represent. But what I want most of all is for the people of the world to take the words of
these songs and instill the inspiring lyrics into their daily lives.".. - ..Khari Kill......

Born in the ghetto of La Horqutta in Trinidad, at a young age Khari Kill discovered his gift of song writing and love for Reggae music. Khari Kill bases
his name and lyrics on trying to end oppression, injustice, racism, poverty and evil principalities in both high and low places. ....

Khari performs with high energy and spirit and has performed in Europe, the Caribbean Islands and in numerous states in the U.S. with this hit debut
single " Picture of Selassie" on the Massive B label, which went straight to 1 on reggae charts world wide. His music is buzzing throughout the streets
of New York City and is circulating on all underground radio stations as well as stations including Hot 97 FM, Power 105.1 FM and WBLS 107.5 FM.
His video's can be seen on MTV Tempo, PLUSH TV, BETJ, RE TV and other Caribbean networks. ....

Delivering the message of righteousness, Khari Kill also known as the voice of D.Ghetto has restored New York as a powerhouse in conscious Reggae
music with the release of his first album Picture of Selassie on record label Outta D. Ghetto, Inc. Reverbnation


Brooklyn native Rocker-T has been guided by a higher power and life experience to vocalize the messages of peace, love and equality worldwide. He
is a promoter of truth and rights through music. His array of musical knowledge and the spiritual teachings he’s acquired throughout life have enabled
him to not only blaze trails in many genres, but to create a unique voice which touches spirits around the world from all walks of life.

At the tender age of three, Toby Petter Herskind Sorensen began learning songs and singing in the church choir. He was trained to play the piano and
sing by his mother who encouraged him to master the classics. Knowing he wanted to be a performer at an early age, he eagerly watched the likes of
Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. in the movies. His love of The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix inspired him to write songs and study the guitar. When he
first watched Joan Baez’s performance in the Woodstock movie (a poignant moment that would come full circle many years later) the cornerstone of
the construction of the emcee/singer/songwriter to be named "Rocker-T" was placed.

During junior high school, he became influenced by U2, Earth, Wind & Fire, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Devo.   He also got heavily into the Ska, Punk and
New Wave sound. At the same time, rap music was emerging in New York and groups such as Run DMC, BDP, and Eric B and Rakim really took hold
of his ears. Rocker-T’s name is inspired by his need to rock out and by the name of his favorite rapper of the day, T La Rock. During these days, he
also heard Bob Marley and the Wailers for the first time, and this would become another brick in the construction of his musical career. While in high
school, he formed his own rock, new wave, and punk bands, all of which were met with much acclaim by students and faculty alike. It was these bands
that transformed into the wildly popular and notable Ska-Reggae fusion band The Ska-Danks.

By 1989, The Ska-Danks had mutated into an underground Dancehall-Reggae-HipHop phenomenon. He then formed Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fidelity
Sound System and became lyrical partners with Jamalski. Rocker-T and Jamalski were now on the scene and well known in the underground in New
York, even singing at Heavy D’s birthday party organized by KRS-One, Ms. Melody and DJ Kid Capri. In 1991, Skadanks were signed by KRS-One to Edutainer/Elektra Records and KRS-One produced a Rocker-T lyric called “Whole World African,” which blew up and was Rocker-T’s first official
entrance into the music industry. In 1994, Skadanks released their first album "Give Thanks" on Elektra records elevating their already significant
popularity. They had started the first reggae night at the world-famous Wetlands Preserve, a club boasting regular artists like George Clinton, Spin
Doctors, Burning Spear and Toots and the Maytals. Including deejaying, hosting and performing, Rocker-T has the most total appearances of any
other artist in the history of the Wetlands. Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi was now also hosting parties  at the Lion’s Den in Greenwich Village, which
became the hottest party in town from 1994-1996.

Rocker-T’s musical tastes and styles continued to evolve and in 1995, he headed to the west coast to join Jah Levi and the Higher Reasoning, and
toured extensively from Seattle to Santa Cruz. He also travelled to Jamaica where he performed at the Portmore Entertainment Center opening for
Jr. Cat and Capleton. During this time he was initiated by Elder Lidj Ras Menelik Da Costa and Rastafari Elder Ras Pidow into the true and living
science of Word, Sound & Power and Nyabinghi chanting and drumming.  By now, Rocker-T had been getting deeper into his consciousness and
began the study of tantric and daoist practices such as yoga and kung-fu. This deeper spiritual lifestyle began to take precedence in his life and
dominate his lyrics. In this same year, he was asked to be one of the main front men for the newly-formed and presently renowned Cannabis Cup
Band and played the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup for the first of eleven times. Notably, he backed and sang with Rita Marley for Bob Marley's
induction into the Cannabis Hall of Fame, and opened for Spearhead, Culture and Andrew Tosh. He ultimately became the DJ Coordinator for the
entire event and organized shows involving local deejays and artists like Jamalski, Luciano, Kymani Marley and Bushman.

In 1996, Rocker-T and Skadanks parted ways and in 1997 he returned to New York to team up with long-time Ska-Scene brethrens King Django of
the Stubborn All-Stars and Agent Jay of the Slackers and Crazy Baldhead. That same year he produced and released his first solo album “Nicer by
the Hour” with Agent Jay and Victor Rice for Stubborn Records. He continued to record many singles for King Django including “Fiya Bunn Roam”
and "Dread Inna Mi Heart". These singles announced the “re-awakening” of Rocker-T. The NYC Rocksteady scene was in full swing and he formed
the International Rastafarian Transport (IRT) Band which performed constantly around the scene in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When San Francisco based producer Steffen Franz a.k.a. Stand Out Selector invited him to move out west, he recorded tracks for Franz's Positive
Sound Massive label. The first product was the release of four tunes, "Tru Freedom Fighters" and "War Pan Pause" which featured Rocker's
storm-the-mic days partner Jamalski, along with "Jah Everlasting” and the original "Tru Ganjaman," which is still a huge hit and fan favorite. In 1998,
PSM released the "Tru Ganjaman" remix and the full length LP "If Yu Luv Luv, Show Ya Luv". These records are pure Rocker-T classics among his
many fans, and the cover art of his "Tru Ganjaman" remix is noticeably present in a scene from the Ice Cube film "Next Friday." “Tru Ganjaman” is
so popular that Rocker-T updates it every year with a new version which can only be heard at his live performances. To date, there are nearly
700,000 hits on YouTube for unofficial “Tru Ganjaman” videos, and he has recorded a new and improved version with Marlon Asher to be released
sometime in 2013.

Rocker-T is an international underground sensation who is  respected by many top artists of several genres, and this popularity has enabled him to
tour Japan with Jamalski, Europe with the NYC Ska Mob, the West Coast several times in many forms, the US twice with the IRT  Band (once with Shinehead), and in Mexico, Trinidad, and Panama. He has recorded internationally including three songs produced in Germany for Dr. Ring Ding’s
album “Diggin Up Dirt” and “Sensi in the Club” recorded while living in Amsterdam, released by Owen Maigret's Conquering Lion Soundz. His West
Coast tours with Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi were a major influence on West Coast sound systems as they saturated the area with their authentic
Jamaican style sound system. 

In 2000, Rocker-T appeared at Reggae on the River, an event that was marked by the obvious excitement of the backstage staff and front row fans
over his presence. It was also at Reggae on the River that Rocker-T met and established a relationship with Joan Baez, the music icon who had
greatly influenced his career early on, and with whom he would later record “The Way Life Should Be” in 2009. He was clearly the local favorite when
he played the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in 2001 and 2004 and has played many top venues including NYC's Central Park, CBGBs, B.B.
Kings, The Fillmore, The Hollywood House of Blues, Fox Theatre in Boulder and the Melkweg in Amsterdam to name a few.

Rocker-T has maintained his youthful exuberance, energy and sound quality both onstage and off throughout his twenty seven year career through a
spiritual and holistic lifestyle, and a grand love of life and music. He has been a huge influence on every music scene he has been involved in, leading
the way for such artists as Matisyahu, Gentleman and Alborosie, and groups like Soja and Groundation, beginning at a time when American born
artists really did not perform hip hop, roots or dancehall in a West Indian Patois. Due to his skill set he is sure to have even greater influence now and
in the future. A man whose life seems to have been created for music, Rocker-T is a happy pulsating force with so much energy and love to share with
the world. 

Rocker-T is now the official US EmCee for Neil Perch's Zion Train and he currently performs with the Fyah Squad Band, Dubsmashers and Jah
Warrior Shelter and holds solo healing and channeling ceremonies. He has spent the past nine years producing his newest album "The Hurban
Warrior of Peace," due to be released in 2013 with an preluding EP entitled "From Brooklyn To Oakland" arriving December 2012.


Symeonn sang for the One Love International sound system prior to relocating to New York, USA in 1978, settling in Flatbush, Brooklyn. His reputation
on the sound system blossomed and he gained significant notoriety among New York’s Caribbean community. Symeonn later worked alongside the
Freedom International and Macca Bee sound systems, which led to an introduction to the Easy Star recording artist, Ruff Scott in 1986. Through
Scott he was enrolled as part of the Easy Star posse, a group of like-minded individuals who were committed to helping return reggae to its roots.
Using his timeless voice and songwriting skills, Symeonn began building a successful career and was widely tipped as being poised to join the
international reggae scene. Reflecting his strong moral beliefs in a world of guns and slackness, Symeonn’s lyrics brought a positive and conscious
message to his listeners. His 1997 debut for Easy Star, ‘Anything For Jah’, proved especially popular with roots followers worldwide. The song
expressed a feeling of the Rastafarian devotion to Jah and also featured real musicians providing the rhythm foundation. Singing in a roots style
similar to artists that inspired him such as Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Hugh Mundell, Sammy Dread and Fred Locks, Symeonn asserted that: ‘like
those who came before him he understood that a universal message and a catchy song would best spread Jah’s words of love’. He followed up with
the equally popular ‘Delilah’, recorded in combination with Ranking Joe. While maintaining his career as a performer Symeonn worked concurrently
with the New York City Board of Education where he felt his Rastafarian beliefs assisted him in guiding the youth through a righteous path. His
musical career was further enhanced during this period when he supported visiting Jamaican performers such as Tony Rebel, Tiger, Yellowman and
fellow ex-patriot Sister Carol.



Glenford "Lee" Prospere, better known as MasSicker or "King Mas", is a prolific young singer/songwriter/composer/selector whose star has only begun
to shine. As long as anyone can remember, this son of a calypsonian as been captivating audiences with his smooth vocals and over the years this
artist has grown into a total musical package.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 21st, 1987, MasSicker, affectionately called "Lee" by close friends and family, was born into a very musical environment and a very musical Caribbean family. His father, Glenford T. Prospere AKA "Supreme", a legendary calypsonian on his island of
Montserrat and calypso monarch, is a guitarist, pianist, songwriter and vocalist who he would watch and listen to very keenly along with the rest of the
band at his church who would play gospel music in mainly reggae and calypso styles. His mother, Pauline Prospere of Clarendon, Jamaica, is not a
musician but nurtured his talent by surrounding him with music from birth and encouraging him to perform at church events. It was this initial exposure
and the encores that were often demanded that added fuel to the inborn musical fire within him.

MasSicker, who overcame a 7 year bout with a childhood disease, was born a fighter and a rebel who always questioned and fought that which he
saw as unjust or untrue. Before he was a teen he showed disdain for religion and the politics therein and was met with resistance when he began
showings signs that he would not be his father's successor (his father had become a bishop by time he was 12). Nonetheless, his family bond was
not broken and he was able to branch out and follow his passion by performing in various plays, choruses, and talent shows throughout his teenage
years touching the genres of gospel, r&b, and of course, reggae music.

At the age of 17, after much meditation and searching, MasSicker found Rastafari as his philosophy and began writing songs inspired by the likes of
Bob Marley, Sizzla, Capleton, & Jah Cure. However, as an American born West Indian child, his influences were very diverse which give MasSicker a
great amount of versatility is his style from R&B, to dancehall, to calypso, to culture and lovers rock. However, it was a lovers reggae tune entitled
"Ackee in my Saltfish" that first garnered the attention of many, including the TCOOO label who he came in contact with in 2006. Subsequently, he
released his first true smash entitled "Look Around", a social commentary inspired by world events at the time that it was penned, which has enjoyed
great success. It has been selected by iTunes to join the ranks of Damian Marley, Jah Cure, Tarrus Riley, & T.O.K amongst others in it's iTunes
Essentials "Rising Stars: Reggae" compilation and is currently enjoying rotation on both the IRIE and ZIP FM radio stations in Jamaica.

In 2011, MasSicker has made major waves with tunes like "Proud to be Rasta" (feat. Askala Selassie & Blackout JA), released under Necessary
Mayhem and produced by Curtis Lynch, and "One Wish" produced by DreamRoc'a.

Now we are on the eve of his debut album. Stay tuned for the first official release under the Viral Sounds Entertainment label, the "One wish" album. Reggaeville


To understand Bobby Hustle, you’ll have to understand the origins of this Seattle, Washington native. Bringing reggae to a city known for Hendrix,
Nirvana and the grunge alike, Bobby reminds the masses that Seattle has room for reggae. Representing Seattle and its own islands with the
support of Dynasty Records, Bobby Hustle invites you to his…well, his hustle.

Growing up on Bainbridge Island, just west of Seattle, Bobby was inspired by a diverse range of reggae artists such as Garnet Silk, Cocoa Tea,
Beres Hammond, Lutan Fyah, Taurus Riley, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel. Bobby stays true to the message of the island life and
combines it with the current dancehall culture that holds its own in the Pacific Northwest.

Through Dynasty Records, Bobby Hustle has released songs getting strong play in the dancehall as well as on radio airwaves the world over. On the
Alive riddim released in April 2011 is "On The Run" and on GT Taylor’s Steady Flow riddim his "Search For It" has enjoyed great rotation in Jamaica.
On the summer 2011 Party Town riddim he released "Tun It Up", which spent five months on the Hot ‘n’ Fresh Top 15 chart in Holland, reaching as
high as #3.

Aside from his work with Dynasty Records, he has recorded songs for other record labels including Delly Ranx’s Pure Music label, Bread Back
Productions, ZJ Sparks, Hot Coffee Music and the aforementioned GT Taylor of IRIE FM. His performance style on stage is full of energy and he
creates a mood that gets the fans involved. Performances have included a 2011 West Coast tour of the U.S. with Jamaica's Konshens as well as
work regionally on festivals and as an opening for artists like Gentleman, Gappy Ranks, Serani, Mr. Vegas, Lutan Fyah, Perfect, Delly Ranx,
Turbulence, etc.

Bobby Hustle's early 2011 mixtape CD release, “Go Harder” featured a collection of 21 songs that still compete with any of the "hardest" sets on the
street. Later that year, he released his first EP called “Always On The Hustle”, a five-song disc including his hit “Search For It” off the Steady Flow
riddim and his rising single “Inna Rizzla”. “Inna Rizzla” was an instant success and jumped onto the New England Reggae Top 10 Charts in the U.S.
in December 2011, and has been featured on sound system mixes worldwide.

In January 2012, Bobby Hustle recorded his tune “7th Tim Rise”, released by Larger Than Life Records. Promoting hard work and perseverance in
the face of life’s obstacles, Bobby’s tune shot around the world and in April 2012, it wound up at #1 on the Hot ‘n’ Fresh Top 15 charts in Holland.

The Hustle’s music is a result of his lifelong love for reggae and tireless hours in the studio finding his voice. Bobby’s message fits in with the overall
mission of the Dynasty Records crew, to bring modern reggae to a wider audience of listeners and in so doing help build the "dynasty" for reggae
worldwide. Considered an up-and-coming talent, the support and producing expertise of Dynasty Records allows Bobby to be a total artist. His
knack for writing strong hooks and flowing on the latest trends in music are clear signs that this is an artist whose time to shine is here. Reverbnation


Damian Marvin Walters was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He is better known to his fans as Jah Bami meaning ‘Jah Take Me’, an influential entertainer, vocalist and song writer making conscious music that teaches his listeners while giving them a sound to move to. His musical style embodies a mix
between reggae and soca pulling influence from hip-hop and R&B. Jah Bami’s unique sound and personality has taken him around the world and back
as a host for Viacom’s, MTV Caribbean network TEMPO. Weekly Jah Bami introduced trail blazers in the music and entertainment industries throughout
the Caribbean into more than 5 million homes around the world, making him one of the most recognizable faces in the Caribbean today. Jah Bami,
trained to play and write music, he mastered instruments including the steelpan, guitar, piano, and drums, which later helped him organize full orchestra ensembles later on in life. At age 17 he earned himself a music scholarship at the University of the West Indies where he led his school to become
School Panorama Champions. Jah Bami also played with “Exodus Steel Orchestra” who was National Panorama Champions four years in a row. In
2000 he made his official move to New York, making Brooklyn his home. During his time in New York he began to embrace ‘Rastafari’ and a Japanese
label “Thello Entertainment’ recognized his unique sound and (astonishing) performance style. Thello Entertainment quickly invited him to join them on
a year long Japanese tour alongside other reggae super stars including Wayne Wonder and Ky-Mani Marley. His Japanese fans supported his vision
and ability to sound almost religious, birthed his name Jah Bami. He continues to grow his success around the world producing chart topping hits in continuous rotation throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. Reverbnation

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